There is rioting in the children's room.

Revolt is the order of the day here. A mysterious spirit of innovation and fantasy sprouts in this place.

Trusting in the driving forces of the joy of discovery, imagination and the productive chaos of reorganization, Kinderzimmerproduktion is breaking new ground in the production of art.

With wild determination and playful curiosity, the company faces the adventure of producing art in an unconventional way. The diversity and complexity of the stories, perspectives, as well as the participants in the art projects are the focus of the company Kinderzimmerproduktion. The children's room is a place that invites to overcome the limits of normality, impossibility and rigid conventions with perseverance and visonary creativity to create a more open, diverse and hopeful world of eternal love.

founder of the kinderzimmerproduktion

"The desire for social change of a young future-oriented generation is becoming ever louder. At the same time, the search for platforms that enable participation in and with society is also growing. The founded kinderzimmerproduktion production, under the direction of Theresa Henning, Alter Ego SS-Thille (SS - stands for Sozial Scharmant), should be such a platform“.